ONE Digital SMA opens secure access to institutional-quality investment strategies in digital assets.

The platforms' investment strategies leverage extensive research, regulatory, risk management and execution expertise from One River Digital and high caliber Asset Managers. Our technological capabilities facilitate best-in-class user experience in the most secure operating model.

ONE Digital SMA has workflows calibrated to the highest fiduciary standards – every access point for investors is supported by regulatory clarity and achieves institutional best practices across security, valuations, risk management, and best execution. All data will integrate with existing processes. 

Direct Ownership of Digital Assets

SMAs allow investors to retain direct ownership of digital assets in their name, resulting in optimal transparency, security, and cost. Additional benefits of SMAs include portfolio customization, tax optimization, reporting integrations, and potential yield generation through staking.

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Maximum Safety and Security

Digital assets purchased are instantly moved to cold storage at Coinbase and further covered by insurance. Coinbase Prime is the leading trading and custody platform for digital assets, supporting the largest public cryptocurrency exchange.

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Full spectrum of Regulatory Compliant Investments

ONE Digital SMA leverages the experienced investment team of One River Digital to offer regulatory compliant, institutional quality investment opportunities that harness different return profiles across the digital ecosystem.

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Seamless Onboarding and Integration

ONE Digital SMA has a seamless digital onboarding process (AML/KYC/CIP), is fully integrated with advisor workflows and reporting systems (TAMPs) allowing complete portfolio optimization, decision making and transparency.

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One River Digital Core Index

One River Digital Size Tilt Index

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Chief Executive Officer / Chief Investment Officer

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Chief Operating Officer - One River Digital

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Head of Research

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Portfolio Manager, Digital

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President, One River Digital

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Head of Wealth, One River Digital

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Client Strategist

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Business Development

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